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Zone of rate flexibility: - Railroads are permitted to raise rates by a percentage increase in the railroad cost index determined by the ICC

Zone of rate freedom: - Motor carriers are permitted to raise or lower rates by 10% in one year without ICC interference

Zone of reasonableness: - A zone or limit within which air carriers are permitted to change rates without regulatory scrutiny

Zone Picking: - A method of subdividing a picking list by areas within a storeroom for more efficient and rapid order picking. A zone-picked order must be grouped to a single location and the separate pieces combined before delivery or must be delivered to different locations, such a work centers. Also see: Batch Picking

Zone price: - The constant price of a product at all geographic locations within the zone.

Zone Skipping: - For shipments via the US Postal Service, depositing mail at a facility one or more zones closer to the destination. This option would benefit customers operating in close proximity to a zone border or shipping sufficient volumes to offset additional transportation costs.