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Company at a glance

«RhinoTrans» is an international group of forwarding companies that offers freight transportation services.

Our core business is focused on container shipment of cargoes by sea, road, and railway.

We offer to our clients a comprehensive set of cargo delivery services including:

— shipping of goods
— transshipping
— storage
— warehousing
— tracking
— documentation and customs clearance
— insurance

In addition to container shipping, RhinoTrans also offers tramp shipping of bulk and outsize freights and their transshipment in sea and river ports.

The cornerstone of our business is individual approach to each client. Rather than offering standard “package” solutions, when shipping cargo, we take into account its specific features and preferences of the customer.

Our liability is insured by TT Club, the world’s largest mutual insurance society.

RhinoTrans is an associated member of FIATA authorized to issue FIATA forwarding documents (bills of lading, receipts, etc.).

Our subsidiaries are members of national forwarders associations.