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Dusk covers the bay somewhere in the Orient. One can hear sounds of the awakening city and sense strong flavor of local species. Only several minutes will pass and the port will disappear in the pitch darkness of southern night and the grueling sultry daytime heat will give place to nocturne coolness. Stars will glimmer and the Southern Cross will show the way home.

Feet feel warmth of the deck that was heated by sun; it shakes and trembles as if longing to go home. All of a sudden night darkness is broken into pieces by the trill of a boatswain’s pipe: Set sails!
Farewell, the lovely land …

Bare feet run stamping the deck, a winch squeaks, sails clap … sounds so familiar to a sailor’s ear. The clipper nods responding to turn of the steering wheel and the sails boldly bulge out and catch fair wind. The ship gathers way and sea waves foaming and soughing give way to the vessel’s stem.

We watch melancholically the shores disappearing far off and feel faint pricking of salty drops on our cheeks. The voyage was a success: holds brim with cotton, spices and tea that are rare in the homeland. We have a lot to bring home. Everyone feels a dragging sadness in his heart: some recollect noisy port taverns and exotic cuisine and the skipper allegedly dreams of kisses of a beautiful native girl.

The sound of waves is silenced by ringing phone: “Thank you very much, the cargo has successfully arrived.” One more exciting voyage is over and half of the working day is ahead. Don’t be surprised: we are forwarders. Each time when we ship your cargo, we travel with it: we hoist sails and rush to terra incognita.

People come to our trade in different ways: some are guided by dreams, some become forwarders occasionally but only those sustain for whom not regalia but something more essential is of importance.

He who preserves romanticism in his heart, who is a passionate pioneer and a traveler, a hero like Columbus and Vasco de Gama becomes a forwarder to stay in the industry for his whole life.

We were born in the times when sailors no longer leave their homes for many long months. The people who hear the resounding call of seas become increasingly rare. We live in the world where unknown lands do not exist anymore. But people like us can be confined neither by office walls nor by state boundaries.

To be a forwarder is more than an occupation like others. It is an opportunity to feel salty taste of sea water on your lips, feel the sea breeze playing with your hair, and hear seagull screaming and whisper of waves while not leaving a cold megalopolis.

Our job is much more than routine shipping from point A to point B. We are much more than managers arranging delivery of goods to any part on the globe. We can make mental trips in space. We sail with you cargo in seas, travel thousands of miles by railway, and fly to the skies. And “on the way” we get acquainted with many countries, try to feel their cultures, get accustomed to local traditions and way of life, and endeavor to understand native customs.

We can be anywhere;
Wherever you want us to be;
And everywhere we always feel at home.

This is our life, the life of free and happy people.

Phone is ringing again: “Hello, is it RhinoTrans? We need a cargo to be shipped urgently to South America …”

A new travel, new impressions ahead: Set sails!